Friday, 15 June 2012

Today I have signed up with Twitter and Storify. I am quite excited about this but also do not fully understand how they work. Anyway never mind, it's the week-end and I have had a good week, organising our author visit Alex Scarrow on 4th July and preparing for our visit to UC School for WeRead. We also enjoyed Carnegie and also voted for the winning book A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Oh dear I have sadly neglected my blog and will try and catch up with the 2012 CPD23 from now on.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Thing 3

I have just got back from a welcome holiday and so now must press on with a few work related things.
First I am creating a new Powerpoint to use with a group of school librarians I meet with three times a year.

Second I am carrying on with 23 Things. I couldn't track down my name details through Google which I feel is a good thing. I haven't got the right idea here have I -do I want to remain anonymous? I don't subscribe to facebook so no links there. However if I put in my name and location a few mentions although vague, links do pop up. It complicates the issue having a full name, nickname and middle initial that are all occasionally used. At work I am always Mrs Rice or 'Miss' to the students. Regarding my personal brand I will have to stick with Jackie and School Library for now but will try and add a few more brand like co-ordinating items to my blog - any ideas welcome. it is definitely useful being able to search for other school librarians to enable networking so this is a tag worth having.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Thing 2

Ok I have just about got the hang of setting up the blog. I have not been too adventurous with the layout but hope that will come in the future. Just about manged to insert the 23 Things Logo. I have looked at other blogs for Thing 2. I am amazed at some of the complicated layouts out there but was also amused that some blogs had not got past the first page. I enjoyed looking at some other school librarian blogs for 23 Things. Looked at Meadowtime and was impressed by the layout including tabs for more stuff. I left a comment so we will see what happens. Library Thoughts has beautiful colours and a photo and the author is really getting through the Things.  I also commented on the lovely cloud background of My Little Librarian Blog. Wise Owl Librarian is a nice title and links well with reading. I have had a comment made by a visitor which was exciting, Kristine Mitchell from the US. I tried to comment back to her but failed so Hi Kristine and thank you for visiting. I have also visited your blog.

We break up for the summer holidays in three days time. Roll on the end of term. We are throwing a party for our Student Librarians tomorrow which they will enjoy as it involves food in the library.  I am so exhausted from all of the library events we have run this term - Author events, Lit Quiz, Carnegie Shadowing -  I cannot wait for a proper break.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Thing 1
I am just starting the 23 Things for Professional Development. I am late starting the programme but hope that I can catch up with everyone else. This sounds like a fun and educational opportunity. I first heard about 23 Things from Jo Alcock so when she mentioned on her blog, a new version for 2011 I knew I should have a go.
I am a School Librarian in Barnet and don't seem to get much time for training so I think an online course is a great idea. We will see how I get on!